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Chalet cuisine
Chalet Cuisine nial@blue2.co.uk August 8, 2023
Dining in our chalets

Our chefs continuously produce high-quality and tasty meals on 5 evenings of your holiday. We endeavour to ensure that menus and cooking skills are standard throughout our chalets.

Throughout your stay, our chefs focus on ensuring that you have a fabulous dining experience.  They will produce high-quality, delicious meals for you to enjoy after an energetic day on the slopes and will go out of their way to make each meal memorable.

The day starts with freshly brewed coffee, tea, fruit juice, yoghurt, porridge, cereals, fresh baguettes, jams, honey, hams and soft cheeses.  Additionally, a variety of eggs will be offered each day with a full-cooked breakfast being served on one morning.  In our premier chalets, a full-cooked breakfast along with fresh fruit salad is offered each morning.

Afternoon tea
When you return from the slopes in the afternoon a homemade cake awaits, along with fresh baguettes, jams and conserves and a selection of soft cheeses.   Hot chocolate is available to help yourself too each day and a pot of delicious vin chaud will be available on a Tuesday afternoon when you come back from skiing  - please heat up and enjoy with a slice of delicious cake.  

Pre-dinner drinks
These are served from 7.30pm onwards.  Enjoy pre-dinner bubbly served with savoury snacks (with mouth-watering canapés additionally being offered on 2 evenings).   Canapés are served every evening along with savoury snacks in our premier chalets.

This is served at 8pm each evening and is 3 courses with unlimited red and white wine being offered.  Freshly brewed filter coffee or tea is served with after-dinner chocolates.  After dinner on Friday evening, you can enjoy a speciality cheeseboard with fresh fruit and port.  We offer a little extra in the premier chalets where dinner is four courses each evening (with the fourth course being a cheeseboard, fresh fruit and port). Higher quality white and red wines, and additionally rosé wines are also served in the premier chalets.

Kids’ tea
Our staff are happy to offer a hearty and nourishing “Kids Tea” at around 6pm each evening (apart from staff days off), under the supervision of at least one adult in the party.  We have standard kids tea menu that is served in our  chalets and this should be pre-booked via our UK office.

Special Dietary requirements
At skivo we enjoy providing delicious food and are committed about what we offer our guests.  We are delighted to accommodate ‘genuine’ dietary requests but finding dietary substitutes is not as easy in the Alps as back home. 

If you have a long term health problem or ‘genuine’ request we will do our best to ensure (as best we can) that you have a tasty selection of food throughout the week. We do not, however, cater for those who just fancy something different, don’t like something or change their mind mid week.  If there are a variety of special dietary requests in your chalet then your chef will adapt the menu to one entree and one main course option that suits all special dietaries if possible (we are unable to offer 3 or 4 separate dietary options - we are not a hotel!) plus the standard menu offering.  Desserts, for those following dairy / lactose / gluten free and vegan diets, will be fresh fruit salad and berry based.   For gluten/dairy free and vegan guests we will provide one cake on arrival (to be served in the week as long as it’s fresh) followed thereafter by a gluten/dairy free option (eg gluten free biscuits or buns).

We will also try to accommodate requests for foods you absolutely cannot stand but if you’re simply ‘not keen’ it’s a little more tricky. 

We do not charge an expensive supplement to cater for a variety of dietary requests but require guests to understand that France is not geared up for it and we simply do not have easy access to the products or extra staff it would involve to find, buy and cook all ingredients required for a variety of dietary requests.

We cannot provide rice or other flour types; specific organic items or any manufactured ‘Free from’ items (including sugar free & vegan suitable).

We advise you to pack a selection of your favourite treats or products.  Please note; the list of unavailable items is not exhaustive - you may know and use something we have not heard of yet.

Please let us know at the time of booking any dietary requirements so we can ensure that your chef is aware of this and can provide accordingly.  If in doubt call please call +44 1635 278847.

Savoyard evening
A speciality Savoyard night is provided on the evening of the chalet team’s first day off. This is a “do-it-yourself” evening on the Monday night when our staff have the first of their 2 days off.  This is a complimentary offering.  There will be a raclette machine available in your chalet and in your fridge you will find a mixed meat selection and cheese platter to cook on the raclette, along with fresh salad, potatoes, and french bread to help yourself too.  After a hard days skiing, you can relax in the comfort of your own chalet with this evening extravaganza.  You are welcome to help yourself to the chalet wines.  Specific dietary requirements are not catered for this evening.  This meal should be reserved via Tracey in our UK office if you would like to include this as part of your holiday.

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